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Terms & Conditions

If there is any infringement of the terms and conditions, it will direct to the termination of agreement or account. The use of the assortment of our kaspersky support Company will be made at the discretion of the client. The service provided on as is and as presented basis. Our support services are available to customers who pay for the subscription. Clients can avail kaspersky support services through telephone, email or chat. Our company kaspersky support carries the right to take away content that is unauthorized. Our support company is third party who is providing the various necessary services required by the users. The customers also have to note that the transferring of the content in must not be taken in an unlawful manner. They will have to ensure of the unencrypted conduction of the services and keep all the information in this locale. It will engage transmission over different networks. The user will have to look up to the changes for verification or adjustment to the technical necessities of connecting the devices and networks. Our company is not responsible or answerable for the incidental damages.

Cancellation And Termination

If the customer or client cancels service or the chosen plan before the end of paid up month, it will direct to the service or plan cancellation and then the client will not be charged in future. The data of the client is saved or archived in various active servers for the future purpose. The client is fully responsible for cancellation of the account and it will be only his will. The request will be forwarded to the manager of account service and the customer will receive an acknowledgement for your account cancellation as per the request. Our kaspersky support Company will cancel your account if the client uses any of the illegal software. Our kaspersky support Company carries the right to reject the services or plans that has been arising from the unlawful access. By the termination of your account, there will be further no access to any services.

Content Ownership And Copyright

Our company kaspersky support will have the right to remove the illegal content. The data that is shared with us will remain the intellectual property of that person or the third party. In such cases, we will not own the copy rights.

Subscription Based Plans’

‘Subscription Based Plans’ offered by ‘kaspersky-support.net’ are valid for the offered time period as specifically mentioned during the time of ‘Agreement’ and cannot be used as an incident based plan.


The term ‘Services’ mentioned anywhere on kaspersky support site mean the services offered by us for resolving the technical issues faced in any model of your antivirus.